XSories Big Bendy Monochrome

Big Bendy Monochrome

Big Bendy Monochrome

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Flexible tripod
Camera viewpoints are everywhere. Access them easily with the Big Bendy from XSories. Form the legs around virtually anything and capture those moments. Alternatively, team it up with one of our mounts or projectors. Life = Easy.

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Non-slip feet


Offering the increased stability and extra
grip you needed! Focus on your next shot
while we take care of the rest.


Flexible legs


Form the legs around virtually anything and easily access any camera viewpoints.


1/4" 20 universal screw


Easily mount any action sport and compact digital camera to our flexible tripod.


Adjustable Ball-head. Fine-tune those angles


Mount your favorite camera and
easily swivel it to capture from
the most perfect angles.

    • WEIGHT170g

    • DIMENSIONS270x45x45mm

    • MATERIALSNBR, ABS, aluminium, rubber

    • MAX. LOAD800g



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I recently bought the Big Deluxe Tr...
By Aussie1225 | July 04, 2015 I recently bought the Big Deluxe Tripod and it was amazing, so i thought i'd give this one a try.  I have an iPhone 5 and love facetime but hated holding my phone to use the facetime app.  This was SOOOOO much cheaper than buying an iPad or a MacBook.  Its small, lightweight and easy to take with you.  Genius idea!!
An excellent portable flex...
By D Jones "DP Jones" | April 25, 2015 An excellent portable flexible tripod which compares favorably to the more expensive Joby Gorilla tripods. I use this with a Nikon Coolpix P300 and a Sony action video camera. It's a perfect match for tabletop or when I need to wrap the tripod around something to support the camera.

It is well built, has an excellent camera connector, and fits perfectly in a small backpack, computer bag, or briefcase. When a small but sturdy tripod is required this one will do the trick. Don't confuse it with those flimsy cheap tripods you find in discount stores. It's several cuts above in quality. I've tried putting my larger Nikon DSLR (5100 Series) on it and it and it works but it is very unstable depending on the lens. It's usable but the tripod legs must be spread wide to keep the camera from falling forward.

Highly recommended as a replacement for Joby Gorilla Tripods.
This is an ingenious idea. This...
By whimsical1 | April 23, 2015 This is an ingenious idea. This little tripod can be placed on any surface or twisted around any chair, extension, tree limb etc. to capture unique angles.  We have spent many holidays trying to decide who will not be in the outdoor photo shots because there was no one else to hold the camera.  This tripod allows you to use many different surfaces to be bend it around to get the picture taken.  My son has a GoPro and that was the reason I chose the tripod; we did find out that it will not work on the GoPro untill you buy an attachment that allows it to sit and stay on the connector. That was a bambozole that I did not appreciate.  I thought I could just take it out of the case and start using it.
This is pretty coo...
By Loren w Christensen | April 22, 2015 This is pretty cool. Lightweight, flexible for uneven surfaces, and easy to set up. If your camera doesn't have a level on it, get an app for your smart phone so when you're shooting on a terrain that necessitates one leg a full extension and the other two less so, you're guaranteed a level pic.
I had hoped to use this with my...
By Cheryl Stout "broiderqueen - army mama" | April 21, 2015 I had hoped to use this with my Canon PowerShot S2 IS camera but the camera is a tad heavy for the Big Bendy tripod legs. I find this is a great little tripod for the point-and-shoot digital cameras. I will have to continue using the heavier, longer tripods I have for my Canon.

I like the bendability, adaptability of this tripod. It is small enough to fit in out-of-the-way places and small enough to fit nicely in a backpack or carrying bag. The foam covered legs will help protect other items you might be carrying around.

I especially like the quick- release feature on the tripod so I can get my camera quickly for those candid shots that pop up.
Impressive flexibility...
By Luigi Facotti | April 15, 2015 Impressive flexibility - like the removable head screw. Is more flexible than my Joby Tripod and easier to adjust. My only concern is how durable the foam covered legs are going to be.
The primary selling point and buy...
By Shawn Kovacich "Shawn Kovacich" | April 08, 2015 The primary selling point and buying point for this product is the fact that it has very unique bendable tripod legs that let you adjust each leg to fit virtually any possible surface or terrain that you might find yourself in when filming. Unlike standard tripods, this product has three separate bendable legs that can adjust to any surface or angle to give you the stablest platform available to film from. It is lightweight and fairly compact making it easy to carry and work with. And at an added bonus it is really reasonably priced. I didn't have any issues whatsoever with this product and although I don't foresee me having to use it in a really awkward or disadvantageous position, it's nice to know that it can literally handle pretty much any terrain or odd surface that you can imagine. I highly recommend this product!

Shawn Kovacich
Author and Creator of numerous books and DVD's.
I LOVE this thing. I've h...
By Mark A. Baron "mark3905" | April 07, 2015 I LOVE this thing. I've had an issue for awhile with one of my dogs getting into something, but she was smart enough not to do it when I was around. The problem is that I don't know which dog was doing it, so there was no way to discipline her. I have a couple cameras that I could have used to try and tape the general area to catch her in the act, so I'd know who the culprit was. However, the angle of the area I needed to tape was not an angle that the camera would have naturally faced if set on the coffee table, end table, or TV. However, with this flexible camera tripod, the problem was solved. Not only can the legs themselves be adjusted for the downward angle that I needed, but the platform that the camera attaches to can swivel left/right and up/down. Keep in mind that this is a relatively short tripod; it's not a five foot unit that some might need for other situations. But for the needs I have, it's exactly the right size.
The XSories Big Bendy Flexible Camera Tripo...
By Jerry Jackson Jr. | April 06, 2015 The XSories Big Bendy Flexible Camera Tripod is a fantastic table top tripod or "put it anywhere" tripod if you need to keep a small camera steady for a group photo or a long exposure at night while you're on vacation.

I started carrying small flexible tripods like this in my camera bag about 10 years ago because I discovered my larger tripods (even "travel" tripods) are too large and too heavy to bring "everywhere." I started with the Joby GorillaPod tripods and those worked fine but the good GorillaPods with a ballhead and quick release are expensive for what you get and the adjustable legs can scuff or scratch other gear in your camera bag.

The Big Bendy is very similar to the Joby GP3 GorillaPod (which is roughly twice the price as this tripod) but the Big Bendy can't support the weight of a large semi-pro or advanced amateur DSLR like the GP3 GorillaPod. The Big Bendy should be able to support smaller interchangeable lens cameras like the Sony A6000 or Panasonic Lumix GM5 with a small lens, but I didn't test those cameras so I cannot be sure. The largest camera I tested successfully with the XSories Big Bendy was a Sony A3000 with 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens and the Big Bendy tripod supported that camera without any problems.

The XSories Big Bendy Tripod is nice because it is flexible and can "grab" onto objects like a GorillaPod, it has a small ball head and quick release plate like the more expensive GorillaPod models, but it is the same price as the cheaper GorillaPods that don't have ball heads or quick release plates. Also, the Big Bendy is lighter and has foam padded legs that won't scratch other items in my camera bag.

I also used the Big Bendy as a light stand for wireless off-camera flash. I tested the Big Bendy with the Pentax AF-540FGZ, Olympus FL50R, and the Sony HVL-F60M flash units ... and the Big Bendy supported those flashes just fine. I was able to hang the Big Bendy from the top of a door to use as a hair light in one portrait and placed it behind my daughter for a dramatic back light in another portrait.

Bottom line, the XSories Big Bendy Flexible Tripod is a great tool to carry in your camera bag for use whenever you need it. Highly recommended as long as you don't need to support the weight of a massive camera and a massive zoom lens.

-- Strong enough to hold a small camera, smartphone (with tripod adapter), or a pro-grade wireless speedlite/flash
-- Lightweight and packs small
-- Soft padded legs won't damage other gear in your bag
-- Ball head and quick release plate work fine

-- Not designed to hold large cameras (no pro-grade DSLRs)
Professionally, I'm a landscap...
By Pie Grrrl | April 05, 2015 Professionally, I'm a landscape architect. Personally, I'm a Master Baker. I've been baking since I could hold a wooden spoon in my hand at my Granma's farm and love nothing more than to relax by kneading bread, mixing shortbread, or slathering on a delicious Penuche frosting onto a Mexican Chocolate Cake.

So, WHAT does this have to do with this tripod? LOTS!!! This Winter, I plan to start a youtube channel, teaching people who didn't have a Baking Granma or are intimidated with baking. I have taught SO many of my friends how to make a cloud-like Angel Food Cake or an Old Fashioned Pineapple Upside Down Cake and they always say to me, "Why don't you teach a class or make some videos on youtube to help other people enjoy baking?!" Since I'm unemployed in Winter, this will be the PERFECT project to keep me busy and occupy a usually long and boring Winter.

I already have the Kodak camera to shoot the videos but my old tripod is a MONSTER, used to shoot photos from 20+ feet away. I needed/wanted a small-sized, counter-friendly tripod that would STAY PUT, could be bent into angles that complimented the baking process and was easy to store.

This little gem fits ALL my needs. Very light weight but sturdy, it acts like it's glued to the counter when I've set up the camera and no amount of pounding and kneading dough moves it! I can bend it for a tight shot inside of a bowl or shortbread pan and it's also very easy to clean when I accidentally get butter or dough onto the legs. It holds my Kodak camera tightly with a nice solid screw and for my needs of shooting from a distance of no more than 1 foot, this fits the bill.

Inexpensive but NOT cheap; bendy but rigid enough to not 'melt' after you bend it in one direction; attaches to my camera well; stays put on the counter...now all I need is Winter to return and pounds of butter and flour to begin my baking channel. :D
This is a must have for everyone that enj...
By Bjorn Tore Johannessen | April 04, 2015 This is a must have for everyone that enjoy taking photo our video. You can wrap this around anything.
You can also us this as a mono hand grip for your action cam. Light weight. Even bend it to hold up you tablet our your phone when you are looking at your content

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