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You know how it is. Staying connected on the go drains batteries. Charge your devices where you want, when you want. Stay out there longer with our Sneaker Bank and keep your life’s story flowing, wherever that may be.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 98x60x18mm
  • Materials: ABS, Silicone
  • Battery: Li-Polymer 4200 mAh/3.7V
  • Max DC Input: 5V 1A
  • Max DC Output: 5V 2.1A
  • Weight: 126g

How It Works

Additional Information

  • Dual USB output ports.
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • USB/Micro-USB/30-pin combo cable
  • Charges most smartphones twice*


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Thank you to and Xso...
By David Steele | November 04, 2015 Thank you to and Xsories for hand-selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the community.
Who knows where you are. Or what happened. Or who's couch this is. Or what really inspired that last round of shots. And you certainly didn't bring a charger with you, so the phone that links you to a ride home is already dead.
Enter this wonderful little power bank. Small enough to take backpacking but powerful enough to recharge an iPhone twice. Both USBs give you options to help a friend when, of course, they're in the same predicament. The bank itself charges up pretty quickly, and the press of a button gives you the charge level.
Also, if you're on the phone but moving around the house, the SNKRker is small enough to keep in your pocket while gabbing away.
I'm excited to see how this thing does in the cold, and when charging cameras while camping.
Any word to solar charging capabilities?

Style: 6000mAh - 3 full charges...
By Collie Mom | June 02, 2015 Style: 6000mAh - 3 full chargesVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )Pros:
Dual USB--nice to be able to charge two things at time
Both micro and mini USB port

It is kind of large and weighty. However understanding what the functionality of what it does, I can see why it's large. It didn't come with any extra charging cords except the one you would use to charge the bank. The single cable has dual functionality that the USBs are stacked.

The exterior is rubber-y. It doesn't slide around the car while charging on the go.

It looks cheap
The SNKRker Bank is an external powerbank t...
By Brenda "Wife, Mom, Grandma" | May 30, 2015 The SNKRker Bank is an external powerbank that I use for my smartphone. We live in Oklahoma and the weather has been bad, to the point of no electricity. I actually had to use the SNKRker Bank to keep my phone on for 2 hours after the power went out. It didn’t charge it up quickly, it just kept it from dying (battery was at 3%). The SNKRker Bank is nice looking and has two USB ports. It’s easy to use and charge back up. I use it most on the go and when weather looks bad (as I mentioned). Oh, there is one orange short plug that comes with the power bank. I used it to charge the powerbank up. I hope the cost comes down so others can afford the SNKRker Bank, especially in dangerous weather.
I bought this for charging my smart ...
By Harkius "harkius" | May 28, 2015 I bought this for charging my smart phone. It's supposed to charge it, but it doesn't. Ergo, I can't get much use for this. I don't have a digital camera I want to charge, or a camcorder, or etc. I gave it an entire night to charge. It had nice blinking lights suggesting that it was fully carved and everything. I mean, it is very aesthetically pleasing. But. Useless for my phone, so useless for me.
This is a solid Power Bank. So far it...
By Mrs. L | May 25, 2015 This is a solid Power Bank. So far it has been very dependable, and it charges quickly. I would say it is just as good as other power banks I've had. I've got the Amazon Fire phone and it charged it up fully 3 times. I haven't tried it with a tablet or anything yet. The only thing that sets this apart from other power banks is the style. It definitely looks sleek and cool. I can't say I care that much about what my power banks look like as long as they're small and easily portable. Seems relatively rugged and durable, which is what I really like about it. The white gets pretty dirty looking quickly though being tossed around inside my purse and work bag.

The only reason I knocked it down a star is that I don't think it is too expensive for what you're getting. I have another one that isn't as attractive that I only spent about $20 on and it also offers about 6000mAh. So, in my opinion, this is a solid, attractive power bank and if you love the look and don't mind the price, buy it. If you want to save some money, I would look elsewhere
I've never had a power bank before, s...
By Krisilou | May 25, 2015 I've never had a power bank before, so I was a bit skeptical.  I brought this with me on a short trip so that I could put it to the test.  First of all, the size and weight are not oppressive.  This fits nicely inside of a bag or backpack.  In fact, it is small enough to fit into an interior pocket in one of my bags, which is handy.  I have an iPhone 5s that gets used quite a bit when traveling- maps, Yelps, camera, etc- and so I'm usually looking for a coffee shop with an outlet handy.  No more.  I was able to charge my phone twice on one Power Bank charge, and there was still juice available.  This will be perfect when traveling abroad.  It seems a bit spendy, but this is a great option if you need to charge multiple devices on the go.
Compact and very convenient.  You can charge...
By ardnam "ardnam" | May 25, 2015 Compact and very convenient.  You can charge two devices at once and it comes with a dual cord.  This little power bank is quite sturdy.  No more worries about running out of "juice" when I am out and about.  Recharges easily.  Great for camping, hiking, concerts, air travel, etc.
I am a female Tech-Head ...
By Pie Grrrl | May 24, 2015 I am a female Tech-Head but I enjoy picking and choosing 'which' Rabbit Hole of technology to embrace. Like other techie's, I was thee 1st of my group to adopt e-readers/cell phones/laptops/ and tablets. I have, however, drawn the line at a Smart Phone for several reasons such as cost/wretched battery life/fragile nature/and risking death-injury through theft in Chicago. So, like that American Icon: Agent Gibbs on N.C.I.S., I have a 4 year old Samsung clamshell phone that has NINE FRICKIN' DAYS OF BATTERY LIFE!!! So, I was NOT ordering this device for my phone.

What I really needed this power bank for is my itsy-bitsy and much beloved Samsung Player, the last of the last MP3 player before they became extinct. It is used heavily and extensively throughout my work day for the apps I have downloaded: light meter/compass/Lists for work & home/ and especially for both map feature and the live radar necessary for a landscaper. Often, by mid day, my battery is at the 20% mark and I need a serious 'charge up'. But the problem is: to charge it in my truck means to leave the KEYS in the truck's ignition!!! Seriously, if I'm working in an urban neighborhood where I'm worried about a smartphone being stolen, then consider my fear of having my F150 stolen if I lock it up but still have the KEYS in the ignition!

So, this little power bank was sorely needed, so that I can charge my Samsung Player in my work bag, which is never more than 2' from me at any moment. Here's the issues I have with this particular one:

1) NO INSTRUCTIONS, WHATSOEVER! And I did need the CAPS to scream that frustration out!

2) I was beyond frustrated when I discovered that the enclosed 5" power cable did NOT have a micro USB port to charge it (found it too late) and had to fish out my own cable to charge it. Only when I came to write my review did I read the very helpful review of AmazonFan's, who mentioned the hidden aspect of the micro USB inside the flip-down mini USB. WHY do I need to read a review to find this feature???

3) There is zero mention of HOW LONG it takes to charge the device or HOW you even know it's charging! After finally finding a cable to charge this bugger up, there was NO INDICATOR of it charging...NONE! I even checked to make sure that my Power Strip was plugged in and had to plug my clamshell phone into the came cable to make sure that it was working. Only after a 2-3 minute wait, did I see the 1st of the orange indicator lights begin to slowly blink. As time went by, the circles at the border of the power bank stayed ON but after FIVE CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF CHARGING, the unit NEVER registered as "charged"...what I got was three non-blinking circles of power and a constantly blinking fourth circle that never stopped *blinking*. I finally called it quits on the charging end and unplugged it at the 6 hour mark.

4) How does it charge? Okay, I guess. I intentionally depleted the charge on my Samsung Player which is similar to a smartphone and I got a 58% charge; I then applied the power bank to my clamshell phone and it became charged to 100% within a short while. But...remember that that phone holds a charge for nine solid days so I wouldn't use my phone as an indicator.

The design means nothing to me: the fact that it looks like a pair of SNKRker treads is lost on me. It does provide a good grip but also, all the grooves and slightly rubbery surface pick up every bit of debris from the bottom of my work bag. I found that after a day or two in the bag, I had to continually wipe off the accumulated grit that falls into any landscaper's bag.

Thanks to another review, I've discovered far less expensive power banks than this one, which I intend to buy as Christmas gifts for friend's who suffer from Chronic Dead Battery Syndrome. I don't know where the high price of this unit derives from, whether it's because it's "cool design" or a French company. But, for the effort that they put into the styling, they should have paid SOMEONE a minimum wage to include a better set of instructions.
The SNKRker Bank cha...
By Kurt G. Schumacher "Grey" | May 24, 2015 The SNKRker Bank charger works effectively. It's easy to charge, and easy to use to charge other devices. A row of large yellow LEDs at the top make it easy to see when it's working.

It's not super-fast, but I wouldn't expect that from this type of charger. It's also too big to carry easily in a pocket, but would do well in a purse, backpack, briefcase, or suitcase. I'll probably keep mine in my carry-on kit, because it's good to have some extra power if you're running low at the airport.
PROs- can charge devices & battery simultane...
By Gadget Fan | May 23, 2015 PROs- can charge devices & battery simultaneously, two USB outputs, high capacity
CONs- no built-in prongs, larger than alternatives, included cord hides needed micro-USB plug

Like the FluxMob Bolt , this is one of the few power banks which can simultaneously power your devices as well as store charge in its internal battery.  Having dual functions at the same time can be very handy if you have a short period of time in which to charge your devices as well as battery backup (e.g. while changing planes).

This one claims to store either 4200, 6000, or 9000 mAH of power (depending on which one you choose), unlike the Bolt which claims to store only 3000mAH.  And it is really nice that there are two USB output ports, so that you can power two devices at once.

However, it is missing the built-in outlet prongs of the Bolt, so you have to carry around a wall-to-USB base.  Also it is about twice as large as the Bolt, so if you are budgeting space, that can be an issue.  Speaking of budgeting space, it seems like some of the deep textured design on the rubbery surface is taking up room, and it could be a bit more compact if it skipped that part, however, the rounded edges and corners make it feel good in the hand.

The included cord is rather clever, at first appearing to be the wrong type.  It appears to be a standard-A to mini-B USB plug, which is not what the box needs to charge.  However, if you pull on the useless mini-B plug, a micro-B plug is revealed.  I didn't realize this at first and raided my cable drawer to be able to charge the thing (I needed to provide wall outlet prongs also).  This dual cord-type could be useful if those match the devices you carry around.  (If you want to see an image of these different plugs, look at the "Connector Types" section of the Wikipedia article about USB.)

For the space and the modest price increase, I think it is worth getting the largest capacity possible.  And for the right person, it could make a useful gift.
The SNKRker Bank i...
By AmazonFan | May 21, 2015 The SNKRker Bank is a new series of external powerbanks from French company XSories. The 6000mAh that I have been using offers mid-range battery charging.
The design itself is unique - very solid and well constructed. It should hold up well when carrying around in a backpack or purse.
A rubber "SNKRker" tread covers two sides of the device, which adds a unique visual element and provides a nice, tactile feel.
Included in the box is the powerbank and a 10" long cable that works to both charge the powerbank as well as your device, providing it uses either mini or micro USB. Otherwise you use your own cable in one of the two USB ports.
The charging cable did surprise me since the default plug is the mini USB. Lacking any instructions, it took me a while to figure out that the micro USB is inside the mini USB end of the plug. It took even longer for me to notice a small illustration on the outside of the packaging that showed this.
As expected, the SNKRker Bank charged my iPhone 6 twice with a bit of juice left to spare. But other powerbanks do the same for much less.
Then I plugged in my iPad mini (w/o retina display). The SNKRker Bank charged my iPad quickly and easily. Twice. That did impress me.
Battery status and charging indicators consists of five circles discretely integrated into the rubber "SNKRker" design on one side of the device. I like this a lot. Another small illustration on the back of the packaging explains the circle levels (similar to battery indicator bars on other devices). There is no instruction manual.
I do think the price point is a bit high, especially if you are mainly using this for a cell phone.
And while this worked on my iPad mini, that is about the limit for the 6000mAh. However, the 8000mAh version is able to handle other tablets as well as a laptop. Since the price difference is only $10 (as of this review), the 8000mAh may be the better investment in the long run.
Either way, this is a solid performing powerbank that offers a nice design alternative to others on the market.
AMAZING little box full of ...
By Paige Turner "Paige" | May 20, 2015 AMAZING little box full of juice- battery juice that is.

This little thing is super functional and has a cool design.  Both sides have the "waffle" like pattern just like a pair of SNKRkers.

It holds about 6000 mAh of power which is enough to fill up the giant thirsty iPhone 6+ TWICE!

It comes with a weird little cable that allows it to work with both micro USB A and B.  It has two USB "out" ports, so you can even charge two different gadgets at the same time.

It has a handy light indicator to show how much power it is still holding.

This is a great solution for those long days at work (or at play) when you can't be near an outlet.  I always like these external power packs best because then you don't need a weird thick power pack case that turns your svelte iPhone into a giant brick.  Just take this little baby along for days when you know you'll be burning a lot of power.
It's a solid performer. At this point in ...
By J. Tant | May 17, 2015 It's a solid performer.

At this point in time, external battery technology is pretty solid.  Unless you're buying something from a shady dealer on the wrong side of the tracks, you're assured of getting a battery that's pretty much going to perform acceptably.  And this is such a battery.

Sure, you still have some things to watch out for.  For instance, having a capacity of 6000 mAh doesn't mean that it's going to actually DELIVER 6000 mAh.  There are always inefficiencies, from cable design to adapter design to plain old heat loss.  Par for most batteries is about a 75% efficiency rate...that's to say, for a capacity of x, you will actually count on .75x to charge your devices.

And this is about right for this battery.  My iPhone 6 (which I used as a test unit) got two full charges and a third to about 60% before this battery expired.  So actually, efficiency for my use was a bit above 75%...and that tells me this is a good battery backup for a smartphone.  However, you won't be using something like this to charge an iPad 3 (which I also tried)...simple math tells us that the 11,560 mAh capacity of the iPad is beyond this unit's ability to charge.  But it does get you a little bit of power.  (also, you may want to think twice about this if you have the iPhone 6 plus...that battery is also quite large...).  Bottom line for this - you probably won't want to rely on this for an extended period away from a power outlet, but depending on your phone usage this could get you by for at least a couple of days.

It has (surprisingly...) two USB ports.  I say surprisingly because a 6,000 mAh battery tends to be single user, at least in my household.  They are 2.1A (as opposed to the 1.0A charger included with the iPhone).  This will cut down your charging time, and it's appreciated.  My charge took a shade under three hours.

In terms of styling, well, this is mainly what you're buying when you look at this battery.  It has a smallish form factor and it isn't all that heavy, so carrying it in a book bag or something isn't going to kill your back.  It has an interesting design to it, almost like the sole of a Chuck Taylor shoe.  So it's interesting and has a certain amount of style to it.  And I like it.

This styling extends to the interface, such as it is.  You have indicator lights built into the sole design.  So instead of obvious LEDs telling you the power status, they are hidden within the design of the sole, next to a small button (also integrated) you push to get the power status.  While I am not a fan of indicator lights (there are 4.5 of them here, and I have no idea what 2 lights as opposed to 4 mean...), here it actually works.

The cable included is a bit funky.  It first appeared to me to be one that didn't fit the "in" port to charge this thing, but pulling on the plug reveals a second mini-USB in it.  And this leads me to the manual, or lack thereof.  There isn't one.  And while an external battery is pretty intuitive, little things like how the orange cable works, what the lights mean, and so on would be things you'd want to tell the user.

So in the grand view, this is a good performer with an interesting style to it.  If you're a utilitarian you'll likely not go for this battery because of the looks, but if you're in the young, hip, and trendy set this will have appeal.  It charges fast, and will charge your devices about as fast as USB will allow.  It's a good product.
Here's a photo of this power ba...
By D. Coral | May 17, 2015 Here's a photo of this power bank.  It has a funky retro design.  The LED power indicator has soft yellow lights that add a nice touch.  The power capacity is about double the battery capacity of the iPhone 6 Plus.

For comparison with the 6000mAh provided by this power bank, here is a table of the capacities of the iPhone and iPad models:

iPhone mAh Capacity
  iPhone 6 Plus - 2915 mAh
  iPhone 6 - 1810 mAh
  iPhone 5s - 1570 mAh
  iPhone 5c - 1507 mAh
  iPhone 5 - 1440 mAh
  iPhone 4s - 1432 mAh
  iPhone 4 - 1420 mAh

  iPad Air - 8820 mAh
  iPad Mini w/ Retina Display - 6471 mAh
  iPad Mini - 4440 mAh
  iPad 2 - 6944 mAh
It's a decent backup power bank. It charge...
By Amazon Customer "..." | May 14, 2015 It's a decent backup power bank. It charges up reasonably quickly. Charges up my Note 3 and 4 reasonably quickly. Performance is pretty on-par with a typical high-quality battery pack.

It looks pretty darn good too. The rubber panels resemble old SNKRker soles. The white sides are textured, but not rubberized. It's pretty compact too. Overall, it's an attractive look. However, I foresee this getting very dirty and dusty rolling around in a school pack or purse.

I do like it, and "it's okay" doesn't do it justice. Therefore, it gets 4 stars from me, BUT personally I would not buy this. Though I admit it's quite handsome, I don't think it earns the $50 premium. There are a LOT of 6000-ish mAh power banks on Amazon and they range from $15 to $25. If it were my money, I would buy one of the brands I trust (i.e., Ravpower or Anker) which cost around $22.
Having a phone\camera\gps battery die when on...
By Reid Pitman | November 28, 2014 Having a phone\camera\gps battery die when on an adventure sucks! Carrying extra batteries for all your devices can get complicated. The SNKRker power bank though stores enough for about 2 full smartphone charges which should be enough for nominal backcountry use.
Pros: Size, about the size of a smartphone. Its durable! well I haven't dropped from more than 4 ft up... The rubberized case prevents it from slipping either out of a pocket or off a rock.
2 usb ports is enough for me to charge all my electronics I take with me.
Cons: Can't tell how much juice is left without plugging in something. Charges slower than another device I had.
Over all this is one of the coolest devices I've used yet for mobile power! Either plugging in a phone with a dead battery to make a quick call to recharging your headlamp while its still light out. This has came in soo handy!
Has anyone used a solar charger with this yet?

Thanks a ton to an...
By Josh Good | November 12, 2014 Thanks a ton to and Xsories for selecting me to review XSories XS SNKRker Power Bank for the benefit of the community!
A super cool take on a normally lame looking tool. This power pack is definitely a tool, and not tool as in a lame-gaping-fool kind of tool, but as in a tool that is there and ready to get the job done: with the authority of a hammer, the finesse of a phillips screwdriver, and precise fitting abilities of an adjustable crescent wrench. Heck, for the technologically and powered utility dependent, this baby is comparable to a leathermen or other tool in your survival pack.
This power pack is packed full of power. Amps, volts, watts, and whatever mAh and Wh represent, mean very little to me (28 oz of hammer, 8lb splitting maul, I can relate to numbers with those units), but what does mean a lot to me for this type of doohickey, is that it charges fast, and the power it holds goes a long way. From dead empty, the XS SNKRk was fully charged and ready to go (as shown by the blinky lights) in just under 2 hours through my computer’s USB connection. The power within was enough to fully charge an empty pentax point and shoot camera, along with my phone which was almost empty. The camera took just over 2 hours, and the phone was good to go in about an hour and a half. Pretty handy to have around- no wall outlet needed.
Allow me to point out that the SNKRker power bank comes with a pretty outstanding and utilitarian cord. With a USB at one end, the flat 5/8 inch wide white cord leads 3’ 4’’ to the other end with a multi-use plug. There is an old style iPhone/iPod connector, or pull and unhinge the plug to find the smaller plug used to charge the power pack. So this plug can be used both ways- charge your device, or charge your power pack from a USB outlet. Pretty sweet and super versatile.
Shout-outs to a...
By el scotto | November 11, 2014 Shout-outs to and XSories for hand-selecting me to review the XS SNKRker Power Bank for the benefit of the community.
So there I am, sitting around the camp fire when I reach for my phone and noticed that it's off, and it's refusing to turn back on. ARrrgh! Blasted battery musta gone on strike! What about that time when I reached for my phone to snap some pics of the baby bobcat I saw when I came running around the trail; yeah, no, dead again. I am so over BDP (Battery Drained Phones).
Ta-Da! XSories XS SNKRker Power Bank to the rescue! When I know I am going to a place that is kinda “out of range” and it's gonna drain the heck outta my phone, you know this thing is totally coming with me. My Galaxy S3 phone these days is no spring chicken, so battery life on it is quite fragile. To combat that, I carry the XS SNKRker with me every time I am out on the trail now. No longer do I need to just tell my friends what I saw, I can actually show them with pictures.
If you're patient, you can get your device fully charged up in a few hours or so. I on the other hand, generally only need my phone to snap a pic from time to time, so if I just need a quick juice power up out on the trail, I just plug it in for 20 minutes here and there, and it's good to go. More than anything, the XS SNKRker allows me to stay out for longer periods of time, capturing cool things, which to me, is paramount.

Muchas thanks to Backcountry and XSori...
By BexOnHood | November 09, 2014 Muchas thanks to Backcountry and XSories for picking me to test out and review this l'il guy to report back to all of you rad peeps in the community!
This power bank is great to give you some more juice when you're out in the middle of nowhere and without power. I've had other power banks similar to this one and I don't see a huge difference in output, but the one thing I can say that this has over others I've used is that it's grippy. That comes in really handy if you need to perch it on a rock or a backpack - the power bank clings to whatever surface you put it on and your phone clings to the power bank. I also like that it has two USB ports so I can charge two phones or a phone and a GoPro at the same time.
Since I'm such a huge taker o' pictures in the wilderness, I really think that having one of these things is absolutely necessary. I frequently run my phone/GoPro down to nothing in the name of getting rad photos and it's SO awesome to have more power right in my backpack!
In the interest of getting as much energy as I could out of it, I charged my Samsung Galaxy S4 on the bank in airplane mode. I got a full charge out of it and then another 40% after I ran my phone out of juice and stuck it back on the power bank. For 8400mAh, I was kind of expecting to get two full charges, but I plan to try again with the phone turned completely off and see what happens then. I'll report back and let everyone know!

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