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Big U-Shot

Big U-Shot

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Telescopic pole for action and compact cameras
Our icon for your iconic moments. Get yourself in your picture. With a greater reach, get more in the frame around you, shoot from amazing bird’s-eye perspectives or get closer to the action. All aluminium construction with a cushy foam grip ensure even the roughest rides are shot solid. From the mountains to the ocean and everywhere in between, Big U-Shot will make your story even more engaging

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Custom Aluminium Ball Head with Thumb Screw


Mount your favorite camera; easily swivel it
to the perfect angle and lock it into
place with our ergonomic thumb screw.


Anodized finish


Capture your next adventure in style with a variety of colors with our durable, corrosion and abrasion resistant construction.


1/4" 20 Universal Screw


Easily mount any action sport and compact digital camera to our telescoping pole.


Camera Wrist Strap


Stay hooked to your camera and be sure that you won't be looking for it, even during the most challenging conditions.


Extendable from
11" to 37"


Reach new heights and capture pretty much anything you may encounter in your life's story.

    • WEIGHT140g

    • Min. Length290mm

    • Max. Length940mm

    • Max. Camera load3kg



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The XSories Big U-Shot Monoc...
By bsg2004 | May 01, 2015 The XSories Big U-Shot Monochrome Monopod Telescoping Camera Pole (Atlantic Blue) comes with simple packaging and is easy to open with hands. The instructions are on the front and back of the packaging. Included is the monopod, carabiner (which screws on the bottom 1/4" slot of the Xsories) and strap, and nothing else.

This is best suited for small and medium cameras. It can easily handle small consumer cameras like the Canon Powershot Elph even at full extension. On the other hand, I do not feel comfortable using this with a typical DSLR, it is feels too top heavy and risky and awkward, even if it is under the maximum weight of 6.6 lbs. If you want to use this with a smartphone, you have to use your own special phone case or other accessory that can attach itself to a standard 1/4" tripod slot.

Fully locked, the Xsories is 12 inches head to toe. The first extension gives you up to an extra 8.25 inches. The second extension gives you up to an additional 8.5 inches. The third extension gives you up to an additional 8.5 inches. Each one of these extensions can be locked independently at any length up to its maximum, although, given the shape it's best to max out each extension before unlocking the next one (the cylinder gets smaller and smaller).

TIP: a couple of visuals can tell you whether the different segments are locked in place. 1) If the line that goes all sections is straight, it means they are all unlocked. When a section is locked in place, its line is about 0.5cm away from the previous one. 2) three of the four segments have paper punch size holes. Same here, if the holes are aligned, it means it's unlocked (the smallest section does not have a hole).

Another potential use, if you have a basic tripod and want to go a bit higher or go at an angle, the bottom of the Xsories can attach to the tripod, with the camera attaching to the top of the XSories.

The wheel on the universal screw up top is completely removable if you just keep twisting it up. The carabiner and handstrap can be repurposed for use with other devices if you don't need them here.

The instructions say "rinse with fresh water after use" (I'm assuming if it needs it). Before any washing, the handle has a mild chemical/rubbery (?) smell, the smell reminds me of the smell of simple workout accessories (As Seen on TV type) you find in bins and checkout lanes in sporting goods stores.

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