XSories Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0

Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0

Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0

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Handheld, wireless telescopic system for image capture.

Lift your content from cliche to chic and turn your Instagram feed into something unique. Reach above the crowds, or turn the Me-Shot on yourself and friends to capture that moment. The Pholder 2.0 cradles your device with a gentle yet secure grip, while the Xsmart remote 2.0 keeps your hands as free as your mind. Me-Shot collapses into a pocket size stick to stash anywhere, so you are never without it.

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The comfortable handle allows you to
hold your Me-Shot with control so you
can get perfect photos or video.




Keep your hands as free as your mind; simply click on the remote button to capture your next shot.




Easily mount your smart device to the this handheld, wireless telescoping pole.


Extendable: 11" - 37"


Reach new heights and capture pretty much anything you may encounter in your life's story.

  • PHOLDER 2.0
    • WEIGHT93g

    • MIN. LENGTH290mm

    • MAX. LENGTH930mm

    • MATERIALSStainless steel, rubber, ABS

    • MAX. LOAD400G

    • MAX. LOAD500G

    • WEIGHT42g

    • MIN. LENGTH290mm

    • MAX. LENGTH930mm

    • MATERIALSAluminum, Silicone

    • WEIGHT11g

    • DIMENSIONS60x26x7mm


    • BATTERYLi-ion 210mAh

    • WIRELESS TYPEBluetooth

    • COMPATIBILITYAndroid 2.3.6 and above
      Apple iOS 5.0 and above



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The selfie stick with the built in s...
By Antonio Cervantes | May 23, 2015 The selfie stick with the built in shutter button is more useful. Bluetooth shutter remote seems to disconnect every time the phone locks.Quality of the stick is good.
Nice, works well, but It's ver...
By Bron "Bron" | May 01, 2015 Nice, works well, but It's very expensive for what you get. It works well enough and basically it is as described here, but I'm not sure it's worth the price asked unless you take an awful lot of selfies. It's made well and of decent quality, so if you think it's worth the price, you should be OK with it. Actually, taking selfies is the last thing I will use this for. It's much more interesting as a general purpose extension to take shots from creative angles, from up high over-heard, or off to the right or left. Also for shooting around something that's in the way and you cannot move to a better position. Haven't tried it yet, but might be good at concerts and music venues for A/V recording if you can figure out a way to clamp the arm to a post or chair. Seen in that light, as a portable tool for creative photography, it might be a more justified purchase.

Another thing is that just having the remote control itself can be a plus and very useful. Everything connects fine and works fine, so if you have a need for being able to fire your phone camera remotely, that's another plus.

I'm rating it 3 stars "It's OK" for now, mainly because of the high price, but I may come back and update later and adjust the rating depending on how useful I find this to be over time and how it holds up.
A selfie-stick was not something I con...
By Barnard Rollit "Blant" | April 30, 2015 A selfie-stick was not something I considered even vaguely necessary in life, but I thought I'd go ahead and give this one a whirl. Turns out I like being able to extend the position of my Moto G camera out well past arm's length, and for more than just capturing images of my own lovely features (hah!). I do a fair amount of hiking in our Ponderosa covered hills and any extra reach helps when trying to get snaps of things out there. The Me-Shot's clamp holds my phone gently but firmly, the combined balance is good, and the swivel is very easy to work with. The telescoping rod was a bit stiff at first, but after a little use it now offers no trouble. Finally, the Me-Shot's bluetooth pairs up with my Moto G without much fuss, a significant virtue considering my experiences with other bluetooth devices.
A little over 3 feet in length,...
By StevenJM "stevenjm" | April 26, 2015 A little over 3 feet in length, works well for taking photos over a crowd. Length is easy to adjust and holds to the desired length even after a lot of movement. The remote sets up easily over bluetooth and directions for set up are simple, easy and too the point. Turn the remote on, make sure the phone's bluetooth is set to "discoverable" and the unit is ready. The only other control necessary on the remote is the button to press to take a shot. The pads that grip the phone are firm enough to hold it steady and safely without marring the phone's surface. A bit pretentious for taking a selfie but if that's a preference this is the answer.
If there was somethin...
By James Duckett | April 17, 2015 If there was something I didn't like, it was the idea of having a selfie stick... but let's be honest: it can come in handy now and then. The length is great, and it feels like my precious phone is in good hands, so to speak, in that it won't suddenly fall off or something. I've only used it twice, just to test it out, but it is good to know it will be there when I need a good selfie pic or video.
First, the good. XS...
By William Jens Jensen | April 16, 2015 First, the good. XSories Me-shot is handy and universal. The Bluetooth connected immediately to my iPhone 5 and I was able to take a picture using the remote shutter release. In addition, the telescoping handle doesn't twist (as do some GoPro extending handles). I also like the loop on the handle, where I could attach a wrist strap for added security against dropping the whole unit. Overall, the unit is worth the price if you need to use your iPhone or Android device this way.

On the down side, it doesn't seem as sturdy as the extender I have for my GoPro, although it is also 1/3 the price of my GoPro handle. Also, I have the model with the black handle. I recommend this one, since most of the others will almost certainly stain from handling over time and look a bit funky. Also, you need to make sure the screw mount is quite tight, which may be a problem for users who have certain types of plastic cases on their phones (which could crack under the pressure).

All in all, I recommend this selfie-stick and consider it a reasonable buy for the price and overall quality.
We've had a lot of fun w...
By JK | April 16, 2015 We've had a lot of fun with this telescoping stick. Hands down the best part is the remote control. Having just got an iPhone 6, which takes amazing photos, now I can set up shots beyond just an arm's length. We did some fun stop animation films with toys, the dog (very uncooperative actor) and even a short film of dinner by using the stick to hold the camera steady and the remote to take the pictures. I can see this will be a must on a trip, since you can use it very much like a tripod (obviously not quite the same).

Very much like a tripod, the head swivels so you can position the camera or phone into nearly any position. Also since the telescope collapses down you can use this to mount or steady the camera using a wall, car, or whatever solid structure is at hand for way more interesting shots beyond the overdone selfie. Of course the remote really gives you some great freedom. So get creative!!! There are way more interesting pictures to be taken than just ones of yourself!!
This is a pretty cool selfie tool. Th...
By H. Dinh "shooter" | April 15, 2015 This is a pretty cool selfie tool. The handle extended out to almost a meter (around 3 feet) and came with a compact Bluetooth camera remote. Collapse it and its total length is about less than 9 inches. The phone attachment is sort of a grip with soft rubber, you can tighten it a bit without worrying hurting your phone. I used it fully extended with my iPhone 6 plus, and I can see I start losing my grip a little bit. Anything smaller than the iPhone 6 plus should work great with this. The telescoping handle bent just a little bit, almost unnoticeable.

The Bluetooth remote paired quickly with my iPhone and work great with iPhone's native Camera app. But when I tried it with other camera apps like Manual and FiLMC Pro, it only turned up the ringer! Wish there is a way to make it works with all camera apps. Regardless, the remote is small and you can practically attach it your keychain. The other useful feature is standard 1/4" screws on both ends of the handle. You can attach it on top of a tripod for selfie with your phone, or attach a compact camera to the top screw (of course, you need someone to push the button it your compact camera does not have bluetooth).

It's a feature-packed selfie tool, and I really like it.
For selfies with your phone, I have some seri...
By Southern Mississippi "G. Miller" | April 14, 2015 For selfies with your phone, I have some serious reservations. I really do not like putting that much pressure, even with a foam pad, on the screen of my phone. Without that amount of pressure, the phone is really NOT secure in the holder. So, as a selfie-stick, it's a bust as far as I am concerned.

The collapsable stick itself is moderate in size. It collapses to about 12", which makes it a bit too large for carrying in a moderate-to-small women's purse or a jacket pocket. It also would not fit in my fanny pack, which also makes a great man-bag. That means it's really only going to fit in a large tote, purse, or backpack.

Using it as a camera stick is "okay". It's on the short side, and the mounting screw tends to unscrew if you move the pole much, allowing a moderate sized camera to swivel. It worked better with a small point-and-shoot. Since I don't have a bluetooth camera, that makes the bluetooth remote useless. It means that the camera needs to take delayed shots, and the shots are somewhat random, since you can't adjust the angle of the shot via the screen when using the pole.

As for the extension of the pole, it extends like old time antennas. It's rather stiff when new, but may become looser with use. If it does, it can become useless because it will start folding up in use rather than remaining extended.

Overall, I'd just call this a rather expensive toy. Maybe I'm just not that devoted to selfies, but it's a huge negative with the phone holder adapter. It may be universal, but it universally puts excessive pressure on the screen, making me nervous about breaking or damaging the screen.
Yet another sel...
By Jerry Saperstein | April 11, 2015 Yet another selfie-stick. This one is very svelte: collapses to about 9 and weighs approximately 4 ounces. It extends to about 36 inches. It feels pretty sturdy. Extension and retraction are very stiff. I don’t know if that will smooth out with time and use or not.

There’s a plastic swivel head on the end with a tensioning wheel, the latter being a nice touch.

I don’t like the Pholder 2.0 smartphone adapter. While you can adjust to hold the phone firmly, I don’t like the idea of applying that kind of pressure to my phones. There is a pad which keeps it from touching the screen, but I just don’t like the idea of entrusting my phone to this kind of holder.

I felt that a Galaxy S5 was too heavy to comfortably use with this stick. An iPhone 4s, on the other hand, felt fine was easily maneuverable. I gave the Me-Shot a vigorous workout in terms of positions and movements and neither came loose from the mount.

The supplied Bluetooth remote is a gem. It paired with iPhone 4s in seconds and worked flawlessly for stills and video.

There’s a detachable ferrule at the end of the handle which can be used for a wrist strap you provide or a carabiner clip. The unit is definitely light enough to wear comfortably clipped to your belt, jacket, backpack or what have you.

All said, this is a very unit and the Bluetooth accessory works like a charm.
Oh my goodness, this is so much ...
By Ruby Red Slippers | April 08, 2015 Oh my goodness, this is so much fun! It pared instantly with my iPhone 6 and within seconds we were taking selfies that were much better than any we'd taken before. The stick holds the phone well and the remote is ultra easy to use. It can extend to up to 36" which allows the user to capture views and angles that they never could before. No problems using this product whatsoever. Very well made and exactly what your teen wants!
By JIN SAN CHOI | April 04, 2015 good
Never could get blu...
By tom cox | April 02, 2015 Never could get blue tooth connection.
Product arrived fast. ...
By KZ | March 23, 2015 Product arrived fast. So much fun! Easy to use.

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