Mega U-Shot

Mega U-Shot

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Really big telescopic pole for action and compact cameras

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The monster of our iconic U-Shot line. Reach difficult perspectives, shoot from higher viewpoints for that unique omnipotent 3rd eye view or defend yourself against predators. Either way, you’ll wonder how you survived without it

Technical Specifications

  • Max Length: 165cm
  • Min Length: 38cm
  • Max. Camera load: 5kg
  • Weight: 300g

How It Works

Additional Information

  • ¼” Universal screw
  • Aluminium ball-head and thumb screw
  • Anodized finish
  • Extends to 165cm


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This is a very good selfie monopod.  It...
By Mark B | June 05, 2015 This is a very good selfie monopod.  It is sturdy, doesn't have any wobble issues, and locks securely in place.  It is light and portable too.  I use this with my GoPro and with my Canon point and shoot.  The threads are standard camera threads.  After three weeks of use, it's holding up like new.  Good product.
I like my monopod very m...
By William Schlemmer | May 30, 2015 I like my monopod very much look forward to using it a lot .nice and compact and very well built. Thank-you
The selfie sticks o...
By Chanteuse | May 21, 2015 The selfie sticks on the market all look rather cheesy to me.  This one is the most passable.  I got the 6"/19" one ($40) because I don't want a monopod.  To be cell phone compatible I also bought a XSories Pholder 2.0, Selfie Stick Adaptor And Smartphone Stand ($20).  To complete a make shift tripod I also invested in a XSories Big Bendy Flexible Camera Tripod ($25).

It's a lot of money ($85 +tax) to have a travel friendly tripod/phone holder.  However, since I can't stand cheesey, I pay up.

The set is NOT FOR any camera that's bigger than pocket size.  Although the Big Bendy tripod is 11" when collapses, adding 19" on top the set isn't the most stable, especially when windy or when ground isn't flat.  But if your camera is slim and not heavy, it may do the job.  The phone holder is pricey but great.  If you leave your camera at home and only use your phone to take photos, this little holder is a must; very secure to hold your phone landscape or portray style.

The swivel head of this selfie stick is pretty secure when you set it at an angle (assuming your don't use a bulky or heavy camera).  The telescopic locking is alright.  I just cross my fingers and hope the mechanism would last long enough to get my money's worth.

Anyhow, if you have cash to throw around and would prefer combustible and very small photo taking gadgets, this selfie stick, along with the phone holder and bendy tripod would be a good set to own.

BTW, you need a remote control to operate your phone or camera unless there's a timer function on your phone or camera.
I once owned an xshot (and probab...
By Brass Monkey | May 05, 2015 I once owned an xshot (and probably still do... I just for the life of me can't remember where I put it) that I absolutely loved!  Since I had a mini-vaca coming up and wanted a selfie stick to bring along for group photos with friends, I was thrilled to find this in my queue - perfect timing!

While this is definitely a well made product and for my intended use, it certainly did its job - this was probably a bit overkill and at $50, wayyy to expensive.  In its collapsed form, it was also much larger/bulkier than I had envisioned.  This isn't something you just toss in your purse unless you're sporting an oversized bag.  I think for the average person, operating a compact point and shoot camera, a less expensive, less bulky version of this is all you're going to want or need.

If you're a more serious photographer and you plan on balancing a really expensive camera on the end of a 'stick' - this beast of a monopod is probably what you'll want and I'm guessing you probably won't mind dishing out 50 shells for something that's sturdy enough to safely secure your cam.  Additionally, XSories offers some interesting accessories for their monopods which I think helps make this product more versatile for the more serious photographer.
I picked this up thinking ...
By Gen of North Coast Gardening | May 01, 2015 I picked this up thinking it was a monopod, because I love having a monopod that I can set onto the ground and make sure that my shaky hands don't ruin the shot. Unfortunately, I misunderstood and this is a very expensive selfie stick. It extends to 3 feet, is incredibly lightweight, is well-made and has a fabulous ball tip so that you can tighten your camera in any direction needed. It would be great at a wedding or event where you may not be able to see everything but want to capture some footage. It would also be great for taking selfies with a normal camera or recording with a small video camera. Basically, if you want to selfie stick to use with actual camera equipment rather than your cell phone, this is a very high-end choice with a padded handle, a lightweight telescoping aluminum arm, and easy to use lever to tighten the ball head, and a universal screw at the tip. Can't do much better than this. I also love the stylish bluegray finish.
I really don’t think this is a selfie st...
By Steward Willons | April 21, 2015 I really don’t think this is a selfie stick in the usual sense of something that allows you to take photographs of yourself. With no bluetooth functionality, you can’t trigger the shutter remotely. This means that this is only good for self-video where you start the camera rolling before you get it positioned. Even for video, however, I don’t think it does a great job. At only 19”, you’re not going to get enough extension to contextualize yourself.

The camera mount works just fine, if you have the right sort of camera. There is no smartphone attachment provided, so that will rule this stick out for a lot of people. The padded grip is nicer than most, and it does feel well built.

The thing I cannot get past is the price. I’ve reviewed many selfie sticks in the last few months, and none were this expensive despite offering similar or better performance. There are a lot of off-brand GoPro accessory companies out there, and you can pick up something just like this for a lot less. You can usually get a nice telescoping selfie stick with multiple mounting attachments and bluetooth for around $20. I see no reason to pay double that.

Overall, I can’t really recommend this. You would assume that $40 would get you something that is made much better than the cheaper options, but you would be wrong.
Face it, few of us can handle a 6 pound ...
By ★★★ Jeri Zerr ★★★ "formerly a Road Warrior of the Nth Degree" | April 12, 2015 Face it, few of us can handle a 6 pound anything out arms length for a duration, we're not using this pole to it's maximum capacity weight. It's awesome for both go pros and smaller lightweight cameras with remote shutter release.
I ordered the Big U-Sh...
By S.Amicucci | March 19, 2015 I ordered the Big U-Shot in dark grey. Its perfect to use with my GoPro 4. So far it has worked just as you would think. Its very light weight and has a metal look to it but is plastic. It extends to a decent length and does not slide when locked. To lock it you just twist it a quarter turn until there is tension. When you unlock it you hear 4 clicks (one from each joint) and then you can slide it up or down. One thing I really like is the screw on the bottom of it fits into a standard tripod mount so you can attach this to your tripod to add additional height.
There’s no shor...
By Jerry Saperstein | November 29, -0001 There’s no shortage of selfie-sticks. Some are pretty bad. And some are quite good. Like the Xsories U-Shot Monochrome.

Selfie-sticks have become ubiquitous, annoying and even dangerous when used by the uncaring and careless. It ain’t no fun to have even the smallest Nikon fall on your head because someone lost control of their selfie-stick. Some venues are now banning selfie-sticks and, because of the bad behavior of some, I not only can’t blame them, but I applaud them.

The U-Shot is a very nice, modest selfie-stick. It extends to a maximum of just shy of 20 inches (overall) which is more than enough extension for most shooting purposes. It I intended for GoPros, other action cameras, smartphones (with an appropriate adapter) and small point-n-shoots. Maximum load capacity is listed at 6.6 pounds, but I am not sure I’d trust that and I sure wouldn’t want that heavy camera at the end of any pole.

One of the best features of this unit is its size: I don’t feel like I’m carting around a light sabre or a broad sword. It collapses to just over 7 inches. The included carabiner will let you attach it to your belt loop or backpack. There is also a wristloop which attaches securely to the stick.  The three sections extend the overall length to just over 19 inches. Each has positive locking mechanisms. There’s a tilt head at the end which tightens nicely to keep your camera where you want it.

Construction feels very substantial, particularly for a plastic unit.

I think the U-Shot Monochrome fills a nice in the pantheon of selfie-sticks. It’s light, adaptable, well-made, very controllable and extremely convenient to carry and deploy for action. I like it and can tell you right now that it will have a permanent place in the fanny pack equipment bag I use when I go out. It takes up no space, weighsd nothing and will be always there when I need it. I like it.
This selfie sti...
By Bukkene Bruse | November 29, -0001 This selfie stick is meant to go with a point and shoot.  The screw design means you can't use it with a phone camera, and it is not heavy enough to use with an SLR.

As for use with a point and shoot, the design is fine, but the construction quality is lacking.  In the unit I got, the bar doesn't lock properly after you telescope out.

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