XSories Pholder 2.0

Pholder 2.0

Pholder 2.0

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Universal mount for smart devices
Our lives are on our smart devices, so mount it wisely.

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Dual ¼” universal screw threads.


Mount your phone to perfectly capture your next portrait or landscape.


Elegant aluminium design


Select our most delicate and refined mounting construction to capture your next shot with style.


Bright colours – easy to spot


Match your smartphone and gear to the mount with the broad range of bright colors and be sure to never loose it.

    • WEIGHT42g

    • MATERIALSAluminium, silicone

    • MAX. LOAD500g



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I'd rate this lower if it we...
By Kilgore Gagarin "Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand. - Kurt Vonnegut" | May 30, 2015 I'd rate this lower if it weren't so honestly described. It is EXACTLY what it says it is, except that since it's really just a clamp it's pretty universal for holding anything of the right size and weight for a tripod or monopad. Where I find it a bit deficient technically is that the knob that you rotate in order to change the width of the clamp teeth feels a bit loose. I also find that most monopods/selfie sticks usually have some sort of spring loaded phone clamp included, with many having a bluetooth shutter button mounted on the stick itself. Since this is just a clamp in order to use it to remotely trigger your phone you'll have to get a separate device. Otherwise, this is a nice, small, useful produc
I'm not much of a se...
By ~Kiwi~ | May 28, 2015 I'm not much of a selfie photo taker but I do have a selfie stick. I don't use it because I just can't worry about my camera crashing to the ground. None of the selfie sticks I've used have made me feel secure in putting my phone in them...they just don't seem strong enough and concerns of my phone slipping out override the decision to do so. This XSories Pholder seems to be a better product for holding onto my phone and I'm less concerned with it slipping out. I like the tightening clamp and the silicone pads as these seem to keep my phone in place without damaging the phone.

This little gadget can be used for tripods and a basic stand for videos which are other great uses for this product. I like it, I think they did a good job or creating a product with many different, purposeful uses.
I've tried lots of different phone holder...
By Bob Tobias | May 26, 2015 I've tried lots of different phone holders and this is the worst of the bunch. It provides the least stability, presents the greatest risk, and causes the most wear. Three examples of the other types of tripod adapters I've used are the Case Star Cellphone Smartphone Tripod Mount Holder, the Vastar® Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder, and the Cell Phone Universal Bracket Adapter Mount Holder. One of these is usually included with any inexpensive selfie stick you buy. All three grab my phone by the edge using spring tension and the phone can be centered over the stick/tripod mount point.

The XSories adapter does thing differently. It holds my phone using two rather small pressure points pressing against the front (screen) and back of my phone. Of course you could attach the clamp at the phone corner to minimize any stress caused by the front-to-back pressure. That's how it is done In the pictures provided by the manufacturer at the top of the listing. The problem with this approach is since the phone is off-center (way off-center) you need to screw the clamp down real tight. Even then I've had a couple times where my phone, in iPhone 6+, started to spin itself free.

Another idiotic thing is the second of the two 1/4" universal mount inserts. Because of where it's placed, when you use it you can only "just barely" clamp on to the very corner of your phone. In my experience that doesn't provide enough "grip" to hold it in place for more than a few seconds.
I don't use a cellphone for ph...
By Addison Dewitt | May 25, 2015 I don't use a cellphone for photos, but I do use my tripod quite extensively for lighting, photographs and more. This adapter/clamp is great for holding lights, gobos, reflectors, etc. for photography needs and I love how it's so small that it doesn't get in the way of anything. The little screw clamp is perfect and the clean design keeps it out of the way. It's tiny but powerful and my only worry is that it's so small that I might lose it in my... um...complex studio environment (read: cluttered). Fit perfectly with my adapter to the tripod I own and I imagine with that screw hole size, it's nearly universal. Great product that comes in at a slightly high price, but when you need something like this (and I did) you need it! Highly recommended to all photo and video types, both pro and amateur.
This is a funny little adapter that s...
By Yesuaini99 "yesuaini99" | May 25, 2015 This is a funny little adapter that sells more than it should be. The mount to any tripod or monopod is fine.  But the fact that many iPhones/Smartphones have covers, folios, etc, makes it hard to clamp on.  The twist to secure action is fine but I constantly worry if it will crack the lens.  I like the other two sided clamping style.
What a great idea! -...
By Steve K "Steve K" | May 23, 2015 What a great idea!
I have a few old tripods lying around my place. I used to take actual photos, back in the day. And I've been wanting to either get rid of my old tripods or use them again. Everyone just uses their phones to take pictures, and this little gadget lets you still use those old tripods!!!
It's awesome: the device has 2 seperate holes so you can choose how your phone will sit on the tripod, depending on what angle you're going for. The little clip part screws nice and tight onto your phone.
Voila!  Set your phone to take a delayed photo and you're done!
Cheap yet effective!  Have fun!
This is a very handy little adapt...
By Diane Kistner | May 21, 2015 This is a very handy little adaptor to have. It's small enough to fit in a pocket or nook in a bag or backpack, and it clips securely and safely to your phone. You're set for screwing it onto any universal screw on tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks, but when you're not using it this way, it can literally stay on your phone and serve as a perfect little stand. You can have your phone angled beside you at your desktop or laptop tray and view the phone screen very easily. Phone rings, answer it. Nice!
As one who doesn't own a silly selfie sti...
By Steve Taylor | May 20, 2015 As one who doesn't own a silly selfie stick (like I want pictures of myself) I had no reason for this use (and don't selfie sticks have a built-in way of holding your phone?) for that use. However being able to attach my phone to a tripod is really nice. Fits well, easy to use by screwing down gently on to your phone and is wide enough to fit most cases, even those on a phablet. The design is good and quality of materials are good too. Small enough to fit unnoticed in your pocket (unless you wear skinny jeans).  My only real complaint is that it seems a bit overpriced.
Does what it says it will. You...
By Quirky Girl | May 17, 2015 Does what it says it will. You don't even need a tri-pod or selfie stick (really the worst invention ever) - you can use this to prop up your cell phone so you can video anywhere. If you want to use it say, on the dashboard of your car, you could probably get some velcro stickies to attach it to your dash. I have an iPhone 5C and a thin cover, but there is so much room to play with on the "Pholder" I think it would even fit an Otter box cover. For such a small, simple gadget, it's extremely useful. Highly recommended.
By Myeonghwan Roh | April 17, 2015 Good

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