Huge Black Box DIY

Huge Black Box DIY

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Rugged, waterproof transport case.

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You spend good money on great gear, so store and transport all of it in something up to the task. Black Box is resistant to just about any bad-vibe moment that might come your way on the great open road. Water & dust proof with a lightweight, shock absorbing, DIY-customizable foam interior, you can get your gear to where you need to be with confidence. While we hope your path there is smooth, you can depend on Black Box when it isn’t.

Technical Specifications

  • Interior: 395x320x143mm | 15.6x12.6x5.6in
  • Exterior: 430x380x154mm | 17x15x6
  • Weight: 2.8kg / 6lbs 2.8oz
  • Volume: 18L / 1098in3
  • Materials: PP
  • Temperature performance rating: -20°C to +80°C | -4°F to +176°F

How It Works

Additional Information

  • IP67 water/dustproof rating
  • Durable ABS thermoplastic construction
  • Air pressure compensation valve
  • Stackable exterior design
  • Padlock tabs
  • Fully DIY-customizable foam interior
  • Available in 3 sizes


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Perfect !!!
By Laurent | May 01, 2016 This box is perfect, solid, sleazy, shockproof, waterproof, lockable by padlock or plastic clamps
My GH3, my lens, microphone and other accessories found there a perfect position;-)
I ordered a second away !!!
This XSories Big Black Box...
By C. Hill "CFH" | May 21, 2015 This XSories Big Black Box 2.0 Shockproof Waterproof Storage Case With Customizable Foam Padding is an excellent hard case for camera equipment or firearms. We provide basic and advanced firearms instruction, so having a tough and secure case is very important to protect our very expensive Ruger heavy barrel 22/45 training pistols.

I like that the case is very well padded and the foam can be "plucked" to roughly fit the shape of the item being stored. This does shut quite tightly and I have no doubt that it is dust and moisture proof.

We use Pelican cases for our long guns and this matched up quite favorably in terms of quality and protection.

Highly Recommended!

This case is perfect in every way-- I am us...
By Linda Smiles "Shopper" | May 21, 2015 This case is perfect in every way-- I am using it for my vintage Leica m camera and a few accessories and everything fits perfectly with some room to spare, I use a few desiccant pouches and every thing is packed away safe from almost any harm. The foam inserts were easy to adapt to my specific needs and the shoulder strap is very welcome.

The Big Black Box is the the perfect size, I like having the extra room for additional film canisters or whatever, I feel very confident in the security of my Leica and that it is able to take almost any kind of abuse while in the Big Block Box,

The case is not too heavy and is easy to carry with the adjustable and very comfortable shoulder strap. My daughter thought it would make a cool handbag.
Nice little safe case for your GoPro. The ca...
By David Girod | May 20, 2015 Nice little safe case for your GoPro. The case is very sturdy, and it seals watertight. The protective foam interior is customizable, so you make it fit your camera and maybe an accessory or two. The only drawback to this case is its compact size. The one thing about a GoPro is the huge amount of accessories you can buy for it, and this case limits the amount of gear you can pack in here. Still if you just want a safe, secure case,tHen pick this up.
So I have all sizes of both alu...
By Altar Boy "Pax Vobis" | May 20, 2015 So I have all sizes of both aluminum and plastic shockproof and water resistant cases.  I use them for astronomy, photography and other electronic uses.  My favorite case is Vanguard - but it is a large and expensive case.  The XSories "big black box" is not a big black box.  It is smaller than I thought the interior would be.  In my opinion it is expensive for its size.  However it seems well made and the seams seem to fit well when closed - which indicates to me that it would survive some environmental H2O as well.  The interior foam is just like all other cases of this type.  The top is egg shell and bottom is pluck foam.  Thus you can custom fit the equipment you wish to protect from drops and kicks.  So I like the product but not the interior size.  It is comparable to Pelican and other case makers of this type.
This hard shell container can withstand s...
By Darth Mortis "Dark Lord of the Sith" | May 20, 2015 This hard shell container can withstand some intense punishment to protect your sensitive gear within. Inside, the foam is customizable so you can adjust it to fit whatever item you want. For me, I wanted something I could transport a handgun and a couple of magazines in. The box seals up nicely. You can spray water on it with a hose (or have it out in a Floridian downpour), You can toss it around, smack someone in the head with it, kick it, etc, and it will protect the contents inside (provided you piece the foam out appropriately). This box actually reminds me of the Pelican cases.

The biggest downfall I see for this item, and it's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that the holes on either side for a lock are tiny. There aren't many locks that will fit this. If you want to transport a gun on a plane, you have to have a hard shell container with TSA locks to do so. There are locks that will fit this but you are sorely limited to something very thin. Other than that, this thing is great!
The box itself is an excellent st...
By Worddancer redux | May 19, 2015 The box itself is an excellent storage system for things you want to protect from jarring, etc.  Instruments, cameras, and even small sculpture (and models) can safely travel in it. I welcome this addition to my optical and camera equipment storage boxes.

If I could, I would deduct half a star for what seems to me to be a misleading item description and a distorted photo.  I would not describe this as a big box, either in terms of its dimensions or its storage capacity. I understand that it is larger than some of the such boxes offered by this manufacturer. But that does not make it a big box.  Nor, I suspect, is the box that the manufacturer labels 'huge' a huge box. More honest description/labeling of the box sizes would help.  Another way to make the same point is to suggest that if you are thinking about ordering the 'big box' or any of the other sizes, carefully attend to the actual size before you order it.

That says nothing about the quality of the box itself, which is, I think excellent. The 4-star rating is meant to provide a head's up re: the actual size of the box.
I am a 2-year owner and user of a Pelica...
By SAM | May 18, 2015 I am a 2-year owner and user of a Pelican 2400, which is the name-brand competition for the XSories Big Black Box. With that background in mind, here are my thoughts on this product.

For those debating Pelican versus XSories (a name brand I was unaware of), I'll make it simple:  I could not determine any reasonable difference between the two products. They both provide a heavy, durable typically-larger-than-necessary level of protection. They are both created of similar polymer, that to my eyes: are the same. Both products provide similar configurable foam inserts (yes, its the same as Pelican's pick-n-pluck). Both products also provide foam inserts that are identical to my eyes and equally thick, automatic pressure equalization valves, and difficult-to-unlatch latches. FYI, they are difficult to latch/unlatch as a result of creating a watertight seal.

The case is most often used for, and marketed to secure cameras, but it works equally well for firearms. You will need a case like this to stow your handgun in your check-in luggage the next time you fly. The case also has rudimentary cutouts for TSA-approved locks, as you'd expect.

Good or bad... how does the XStories set itself apart?

- It comes with a nice removable shoulder strap, with metal couplers.

- They put their logo sticker on both sides of the case, as you can see from Amazon's photos. I immediately peeled mine off, and it was the typical not-easy-to-remove glue. Hey XSories: Fix this. No one likes that experience and no one wants your logo in red on the side of their nice black case.

- Includes a 3"x4" sticker (not stuck to the product, thankfully) for you to display as you see fit

- Made in China. The Pelican case is made in America. Some of you care about this, and want to know before buying.

- 30 day 'i just dont like it' for any-reason return policy. Customer pays for shipping.

- Lifetime warranty against defects. Customer pays for shipping.
I transport a lot of electroni...
By Jerry Saperstein | May 15, 2015 I transport a lot of electronic equipment for my work, often cross-country. Courtesy of careless baggage handlers and drivers, I have watched my precious equipment thrown to ground from baggage holds, tossed into trunks and simply dropped – once into a pool of Philadelphia slush. No harm came to my equipment, though I can’t say the same of my heart which stopped beating during these incidents. I have come to appreciate hard cases.

Xsories is a new entry into a market dominated by Pelican. Pelican is a premium brand and you pay for its stature. But you get an excellent case.

Xsories offers three cases, all of which are worthy competitors to Pelican and have lower prices for equivalent sizes.

The XSories Big Black Box 2.0 Shockproof Waterproof Storage Case feels as sturdy as a Pelican case. Made of “ ultra high-impact ABS plastic”, it doesn’t flex much when pressed. At some point, I will figure out a kind of torture test like dropping it with an unused camera inside on to a concrete floor. But visually and to the touch, the case feels strong. The latches are positive and there is a hasp for a lock. The case may also be fitted with a strap which is a definite advantage over any of my Pelican cases. There is also a grip handle.

The inside of the Big Black Box is not particularly commodious, measuring about 10 x 7 x 3 inside.

The interior is fitted with a foam insert that has been pre-cut into small cubes. You just pluck out the cubes to create a space shaped to fit your components. This means putting some effort into designing your inside to get maximum utility from the space. There is a foam layer on the bottom of the case and inside the lid. Your equipment inside is going to be well protected from shock.

This is an all-climate case with an operating range of -40f through +176f. The case is described as “water-proof”, though I am not sure just what the limits of that claim are. I do know t7hat heavy rain and winter slush will probably not penetrate. There is also an air pressure compensation valve, though I have never knowingly used this feature on a case.

Overall, Xsories has created a very worthy and less expensive competitor to Pelican and other “premium” brands, though you might want to consider the next step up in their line, the “Huge Black Box” which offers more interior space. It all depends on your needs. The “Big Black Box” weighs less than 2 pounds, the “Huge Black Box” weighs slightly over 4 pounds, which is also a considceration.

I like this case. So far I think it compares very well to the more expensive Pelican.
I was a bit shocked when I opened this box...
By kindred spirit | May 14, 2015 I was a bit shocked when I opened this box. I had not checked the measurements of this "big" box. It is big on protection that is for sure. It is about the size of the old metal lunch boxes we carried in the early 1960's. I cannot image any better protection for my camera. It has an egg carton foam on the top inside, then there are two one ince foam pads that are pre scored inti tiny squares so yo can punch out areas to custom fit your things. There is a handle and a cushioned shoulder strap. The strap slides into groves on the side and the lid closes that strap tight so it cannot slip out until opened. I am making mine fit my two Canon Powershot bridge camers, my phone, keys, epi pen and id. I can go on photo shoot outings and not worry about those things getting damaged and I have all I need. The shoulder strap makes it so I can carry it crossbody. It has an auto pressure valve that is IP67 rated against dust or moisture getting into it. I would trust this rafting or on a boat. This is wonderful for outdoor photography. If you get caught in the rain you may get drenched but your camera will be safe.
OK.. first with the "bad".. This...
By J. Robson "Reflective Artist & Product Designer @ Hy-Viz Inc." | May 14, 2015 OK.. first with the "bad".. This isn't really "Big" in my opinion, the inside usable area is 10" x 6.5" x 4 (with the bare minimal egg-crate top padding only, 3" with one layer of foam padding and 2" with all layers) So plan your purchase accordingly, you may need the larger one.

So with that being said this case is INSANE! It's pretty much the case you should put your favorite gear in.
I use it to hold My Rebel, lens & accessories that I use at work. I usually am taking the camera on the road and use it to take pictures of hydrants, utility work, inclement weather etc.. so it gets tossed around.
I usually use a back-pack style bag - but this is SO much better, I like it's waterproof and shock properties, plus it's just the right size to hold my gear safe and sound. It also comes with a strap but I just use the handle like a lunch box.

Speaking of dust and water resistance- It has an air pressure compensation valve by the handle. On it, it says "Auto Pressure Valve IP67 Rated" so I did a little digging and found out what IP67 means found this on SourceTech411:
"The two numbers in the IP67 rating code rating refer to:
6 – ” Dust Protected “; Totally protected against dust ingress.; complete protection against contact
7- ” Immersion Protected “; Protected against short periods of immersion in water.Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion).
Test duration: 30 minutes;  Immersion at depth of at least 1 m measured at bottom of device, and at least 15 cm measured at top of device"
So I feel confident in the dust and water resistance of this case for sure.

The foam inserts are pre-scored into 1/2" squares you pop out the ones you want to help fit your gear in very easily.
The two snaps clip into metal bars with a very solid click.

While I am not going to drop this in acid, water or a dust-storm; I do trust this case with my camera, memory cards and even my phone -  this is a tough case!

1. Very well made, thick durable plastic, ...
By Vyshtia | November 29, -0001 1. Very well made, thick durable plastic, lots of padding
2. Nice Strap included
3. Auto pressure valve
4. Very comparable to Pelican cases
5. Easy to customize fit for your contents

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