XSories Capxule Small

Capxule Small

Capxule Small

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Soft Case with pre-cut foam inlay. Compatible with all GoPro cameras

Organise and carry your basic action camera set-up. Featuring pre-cut sections for your camera and XSories U-Shot. Take more mounting accessories along too. With its integrated elastic web, all of these parts are kept locked down while the mesh pouch keeps the cables in check

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Mesh storage pouch


Organize, store and carry out
your favorite digital camera set ups
on any of your adventures
while your cables stay in place.


XSories U-Shot slot


Use the specific pre-cut foam section to place and secure your XSories U-Shot camera pole.


Fits All GoPro Models


Our case is compatible with any GoPro model, allowing you to pack and carry any of your camera set ups.


Removable elastic web


Keep all your parts locked down
in and out of the case. Remove the elastic
web to carry specific camera set ups along.

    • WEIGHT252g

    • DIMENSIONS215x176x65mm

    • MATERIALSPolyester, flannel, EVA foam



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The XSories Small Capxul...
By C. Weaver | May 30, 2015 The XSories Small Capxule GoPro Case with Pre-Cut Foam Inlays for GoPro Accessories (Black) is approximately 2.8" x 12.6" x 6" and is a well made case for your GoPro and accessories.

I was able to fit a GoPro with a floaty back and tripod/strap adaptor attached, a small hand held camera stick, batteries, charger, cables, extra memory cards, and still had room. yet the case is compact and easy to fit in a backpack.

The material is fairly water resistant, easy to clean, and while crushable, had a good balance of hard/soft side case qualities, especially being so lightweight.

The carrying handle, carabiner strap, and zipper are all well made and feel like they will hold up to a lot of abuse.
This is my second XSories case ...
By Menthol Rum | May 24, 2015 This is my second XSories case for my GoPro. This is larger and equally well made.

The exterior is a made from a smooth yet tough black nylon with a rubber handle.The zipper closes so tightly, it almost seems like it would be water resistant and there is an area where you can write your name or what you like on a few lines. They include an aluminum D ring to attached your case as you see fit. Also, inside is netting that you can store even more small equipment behind.

The shell is tough and I believe will withstand some abuse. It fits a few batteries, mini tripod, GoPro and USB cord with no problem. I spend over $450 on my GoPro, this is a well made and designed case that will protect it well. I highly recommend this for safely carrying GoPro and accessories.
This little GoPro case is lightweight an...
By Jed Shlackman | May 21, 2015 This little GoPro case is lightweight and durable, and is designed to hold the camera along with a few accessories. It comes with a handle as well as a carabineer clip that you can use to attach it to a belt loop or backpack. The foam on the inside has cutouts for the camera and accessories and there is a mesh holder section for miscellaneous items. This is made with a lightweight material but seems fairly sturdy. The main weakness is the zipper, which doesn't move too smoothly and which is the sole means of closing the case. This is a pretty nice case, but not perfect, so I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
This is a fine carrying case. The foam ins...
By Conway Stern | May 21, 2015 This is a fine carrying case. The foam inserts make it easy to fit things into the designated area. My GoPro in its housing fits perfectly in the top left slot. There is also a dedicated slot for the U-Shot Telescopic Pole, which fits perfectly into the slot. There is a bottom slot for some miscellaneous items. The case is pretty lightweight yet appears to be very durable. The zipper seals everything shut pretty easily. I haven't thrown my GoPro around in this case to test the resiliency, but it appears as if this will provide plenty of protection.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this case. It's easy to use, operate, and does exactly what it is designed to do.
Excellent case for my GoPro. The...
By Jay Bird "An Independent Thinker" | May 19, 2015 Excellent case for my GoPro. The camera fits easily in the well made cut-out. The foam is very protective and the whole case including the zipper work flawlessly. Don't hesitate if you are looking for a smaller case to hold your GoPro and a couple accessories.
This makes my third GoProp ca...
By Henri Savin | May 13, 2015 This makes my third GoProp case. It is nice and light but there are a few points I am not fond of.
The zipper is not that easy to access. It may sound weird but I always find myself fumbling with it to figure out in which direction to go with it to open it.
The foam inside is hard and not removable. In clear, either your stuff fits right in it or it does not and you cannot really wedge it.
It is cut for some specific accessories for the GoPro like the U-Shot telescopic pole.

On the other hand, I like the elastic web to hold other small accessories. This one is removable and the door pocket will hold things nicely.
This sturdy case...
By L. Steiner | May 13, 2015 This sturdy case holds a GoPro in a cut out made to fit it and it's accessories fit under straps or in a net pocket. I particularly like the way the hard foam holds the camera snugly so that it can protect it from being bounced around. It also has a cut out for a selfie stick or small tripod. I tested the zipper several times and it performs well and looks well made. This case has a classy look to it as well, and is lightweight.
Xsories is bringing out a rat...
By Jerry Saperstein | May 12, 2015 Xsories is bringing out a rather varied and interesting line of products. I already had a couple of their telescoping poles and the quality is above-average.

This case is one of seemingly millions of GoPro cases out there. The shell is semi-rigid and would appear to take falls nice. Construction is top-notch.

It is a bit on the small side, but has a carrying handle and a carabineer clip, the latter of which is essentially a necessity on a case of this type.

A high-density foam inlay holds a GoPro in its all-weather housing, a Xsories U-Shot pole (though others may8 fit as well) and a few small axccessories.

A somewhat small mesh pocket will hold an extra battery or two, cables and one or two other small objects.

If you’re going on a short casual outing, this case is sufficient. It will hold the essentials.
I like a lot of things about this case...
By scesq "scesq" | May 03, 2015 I like a lot of things about this case. It is well made, a good size and stores GoPro items well.

The case is made of a hard material that does not move much when I press on it. If I drop the case with my camera and other accessories in it I am comfortable nothing would break.

The case looks nice. It has a handle. There is also carabiner which is a D shaped metal hook inside. The zipper works fine. On the back of the case there is a label with two lines.

There is precut hard foam inside the case that feels strong and adds additional protection to a GoPro camera and accessories. The foam cannot be moved. There is a “elastic web” which is a square with elastic strips on it that allow for small items like memory cards to be stored safely. The square can be removed if something else need to be stored in that spot. The “elastic web” is the only removable part of the case.

The top part of the case that opens out when the case is unzipped and has a mesh pocket on it. Items can be stored inside the mesh.

This can easily fit a GoPro camera, telescopic pole, charger and memory card as well as any plugs or wires. Most importantly it does a good job protecting these items. I have had a number of camera cases over the years and this one is very well made and looks good.
A big thank you to ...
By Adam Watts | December 03, 2014 A big thank you to Backcountry.com and Xsories for picking me to review the Small Capxule Soft Case for the backcountry community!
This is not a good case, this is a really good case! I never thought about having a case to hold all my GoPro accessories until I received it. The first thing I noticed on the soft case was how well the foam inn-lay was cut to hold the gopro and other accessories like the U-shot. Even in the worst pot-hole rid road, nothing is going to get tossed around in it!
Capxule Soft Case fits has enough room for pretty much all your accessories and then some. Super plush outer-fabric and a water resistant zipper, this case was made to travel. It's not the lightest case for backcountry trips but for traveling, it's a life saver.
I want to thank Backcou...
By Reid Pitman | December 02, 2014 I want to thank Backcountry.com and Xsories for picking me review this case for the backcountry community!
With premolded slots for you the Xsories U-shot, gopro, power bank and extra pocket in the lid this carries all your camera accessories in a protective casing that can survive just about any backcountry situation. The pocket is large enough for my point and shoot camera, small tripod and extra gopro batteries. Handle for easy carrying when not stuffed into a pack.
Pros: Holds more gear than expected! Solid hold on equipment so it doesn't fall out of place to get damaged. Bright colors, its easy to see in "black hole" style packs. Slim design doesn't take up much pack space.
Cons: The soft casing has on a few occasions turned the power on my gopro. Carabiner holder isn't all that useful for clipping on the outside of a pack, it just bounces around.
Overall: I love it. I can pack it in with any climbing\backcountry gear with out having to worry about damaging my equipment. Its gone with me on rock and ice climbing trips, backcountry skiing and hiking. Granted I still forget to take shots..
Running a compression strap through the handle carries the case very well on the outside of a pack for quick access.
Super muchas gracias goes out to Backcountr...
By BexOnHood | December 01, 2014 Super muchas gracias goes out to Backcountry.com and Xsories for selecting me to review this case for the benefit of you fine peeps in the backcountry.com community!
I love that this case is tidy and compact. I have some bigger cases and though you can fit a ton of crap in them, sometimes you don't WANT a ton of crap with you and you don't want your goodies banging around in a too-big case. Fits my GoPro, U-Shot, SNKRker Bank and all my power cords, flash drives and card reader. I thought at first that the top compartment would be small and not that useful, but it is shockingly roomy and has the capacity to fit all of the things I crammed into it: a couple of GoPro mounts, my wallet, a bandana and a baggie of dog treats. When it's closed up, it feels super secure and I'd have no problem tossing it into a backpack and letting it thrash around in there worry-free! The only (minor) beef I have is that I'd love it if instead of having already-cut-out foam on the bottom half, it had the removable foam cubes to give it a little more flexibility with regards to what you stick in it. I have an older GoPro and it doesn't fit perfectly into the camera spot; I have to take it out of its protective case to get it in there.
A big Thanks goes out to Backcountry.com an...
By Josh Good | November 12, 2014 A big Thanks goes out to Backcountry.com and Xsories for selecting me to review XSories Small Capxule Soft Case for the benefit of the backcountry.com community!
This case is rad and just what I needed. I use my GoPro most often for SCUBA adventures and I’m not as careful as I should be with it. We dive almost exclusively from the road, so everything goes in the back of the truck or the jeep. We have weight belts, tanks, and other heavy gear, and two 100+ lb dogs that all ride within inches of the GoPro. Before the Capxule, my camera lived in the toe of my fin that was not occupied by my mask (it made more than a few early exits from this spot), but now I’ve got an obvious, perfectly shaped, bright colored (mine is orange), and protective spot for my camera.
The zipper splits the case in half. The top half has a super roomy pouch- this is where I keep my floaty backdoor, cables, extra mounts, and both a wall charger and a Power Bank. The bottom half is filled dense closed-cell foam and has two pretty specific cut outs- one for the GoPro and housing, and one for the XSories U-Shot Monochrome. There is also a rectangle area cut out for whatever else you may need. A small panel with a bungee grid across it is Velcro-ed in place, and in this spot I’ve placed two spare batteries and the remote. If I want to leave the extra batteries at home, I place my XS SNKRker Power Bank into this spot (it fits perfectly) and put the remote into the top pouch.
The case itself is pretty stout. By no means would it be able to be run over by a truck, but it definitely offers a pretty high level of protection for your goods. It’s not a waterproof case, but will definitely keep the finer points of your electronics dry in the rain, but if you’re looking to drop your case into the river or run it over with said truck look more towards something like XSories’ Black Box (http://www.backcountry.com/xsories-black-box-2.0?skid=XSR0008-BK-ONESIZ&rec=new)
Shout-outs to Backcountry.com and XSories f...
By el scotto | November 08, 2014 Shout-outs to Backcountry.com and XSories for reaching out to me to review the Capxule Soft Case for the benefit of the backcountry.com community.
You know, sometimes it's a task just to keep track of where all your equipment might be stored; however, with the Capxule Soft Case, you can now leave those worries behind. Seriously, one less thing to stress about when you're off to go capture your next adventure is a major plus in my book.
To start off, one of the cool things about the Capxule is the pre-cut foam insert that its got going on. Say goodbye to the clankin' sound of all your equipment, as everything now has a place to be securely placed. Depending on what you need to carry, space is a bit limited here, but sometimes you don't need to bring everything, just the essentials. If you do happen to require more space, I'd say opt for the Big Capxule, as it's about twice the capacity of the small.
Color wise, the blue colorway is an absolute vibrant breath of fresh awesomeness. Granted, XSories does make some more low-key colors if that’s what you're looking for (black, grey, olive, etc...) but sometimes those can get lost in the sea of bags and duffels if you're haulin' quite a load. I'm all about the bright stuff myself.
Since I haven't had the Capxule long enough to see how long term durability holds up, I can comment on how well its held up thus far, which has been quite good. I've used some hard cases in the past, as they're my usual go to, so I am quite curious as to how the soft shell will hold up.
If you're looking for an upgrade from your random stuff sack that houses random pieces of cam equipment, then you definitely need to check out the Capxule.
Thank you to Backcountry.com and XSo...
By Cat Dale | November 07, 2014 Thank you to Backcountry.com and XSories for picking me to review the XSories Small Capxule Soft Case for the benefit of the backcountry.com community!
All Pros
I don't have anything negative to say about this case. I love the design of this piece for a couple reasons. Firstly, the inside of the case is pre-cut foam that keeps things organized and in-place. I like how clean the inside looks, because I can see everything at a quick glance and know I've picked up all my gear. I also like the size. I often overload my pack with too much gear, all of which finds its way to the bottom of my pack. With this little case, it keeps all my GoPro Essentials together and safe.
In addition to the pre-cut slots, the “lid pocket” actually holds as much as the bottom half. Inside, I stuck my XSories SX SNKRker Power Bank, 5 GoPro batteries, a GoPro USB Battery Charger, and my card holder. In the bottom I stuck my GoPro in it's hard case, the XSories U-Shot and extra Point-and-Shoot. And the lid still zipped up no problem.
I received the Grey version of this case, which perfectly matches the picture. I could see ordering a couple of these in different colors to color-code different GoPro sets. Would be great on a long trip as it is very light weight and again, makes you pair down your gear to a minimum. Great product XSories!
Thank you to Backcountry.com and XSories for ...
By David Steele | November 04, 2014 Thank you to Backcountry.com and XSories for hand-selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the backcountry.com community.
Using a Gopro doesn't require the photo pack or fancy padding of a DSLR, but that doesn't change the fact that there are still a bunch of mounts, pieces, and the camera itself. Without some type of protection and organization, they all seem to rattle around in a gear storm in my pack.
Instead of the Crown Royal bag I was using, the Small Capxule is a brilliant solution. Protection, organization, and everything I want to have out with me to shoot photos and video. As a plus, one of the slots keeps the Gopro in its mount, which makes quick work of getting going.
Note that the Small Capxule fits the regular Ushot, which doesn't extend nearly as far as the Big Ushot. If that's a purchase you're making together, and you're used to a shot from further away, consider the Big Ushot and Larger case to go with it.
In the compartments, I've fit:
Gopro Hero 3+
The Frame Housing (for better audio)
Waterproof Housing (for when it gets wet out)
Extra Battery
Gopro Remote
Xsories Ushot pole
Three stars for now, as I've no idea of durability or weather resistance. I'll report back.
Perfect size to carry GoP...
By Four Horsemen | July 08, 2014 Perfect size to carry GoPro, pole, power bank, and cords/cables.

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