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XStrap 60

XStrap 60

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Releasable zip-tie mount
Discover and capture yourself from creative viewpoints. Round, oval or even vaguely square objects are everywhere you look. Take advantage of them as a mounting point for your camera or smart device. Fast, simple, without tools or other hardware.
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Silicone anti-slip contact surface


Offering the increased stability and extra grip you needed. Focus on your next shot while we take care of the rest.


45° adjustability in any direction


Adjust and swivel your favorite camera in any direction to capture from the most creative viewpoints.


1/4" 20 universal screw


Simply mount your action sport or compact digital camera to the XStrap 60.


Flexible LOOP


Hook your camera to almost virtually any mounting points you can find to capture your next adventure.


Easy, tool free adjustment


Rapidly and simply strap your new mounting companion without tools or any other hardware.

    • WEIGHT55g

    • DIMENSIONS38x297x62mm

    • MATERIALSSilicone, Stainless Steel, ABS

    • MAX. LOADSilicone, Stainless Steel, ABS



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This item is actually quite simply...
By Shawn Kovacich "Shawn Kovacich" | June 02, 2015 This item is actually quite simply made and works as it is intended as far as I am concerned. It isn't really anything fancy, but it is functional and practical and does what it is supposed to do, and that is mount your GoPro camera to pretty much anything with any shape. I tried this out on round objects, pipes, wooden picket fence, door knobs, etc., and pretty much anything else I could think of and it worked quite well for the most part. I did have a couple of small issues with some of the more obscure items I tried to mount this to, but other than that I had no problems.

Shawn Kovacich
Author and Creator of numerous books and DVD's.
This is a very simple all-plastic mounting...
By Gabriel's Buddy | June 01, 2015 This is a very simple all-plastic mounting solution for a small camera. It mounts well to larger things but can be a little slippy when the diameter gets very small, especially for a slick surface. When biking it did a very good job of staying in place on smooth and bumpy roads, but could shift when doing a jump or going over/off a curb. It is OK if you make it very tight. You also have to tighten the orange nut that holds the pivot in place well so that part doesn't pivot.

I felt the neck (the bit between the ball joint/orange nut and the camera) was a bit taller than needed which made the camera sit higher than I wanted. I put this through the vent holes of my son's BMX helmet (strap barely long enough) and it ended up sitting much higher than I wanted it to be. The normal mount that goes on the helmet has the camera very close to the helmet. The length also makes it more likely the pivot would move as the camera is more cantilevered.

It says it is for GoPro and Action Sports camera. I used it with a GoPro Hero 3+ which does not come with a tripod mount that is needed to use this XSories mount. (The XSories mount has the standard tripod bolt that you screw into the bottom of the camera and then tighten a plastic lock nut behind it.) My GoPro just comes with the mount you'd adhere to a surface so I had to get a tripod mount adapter to use this mount, so check your camera to see if you need to order that as well.
XSories XStrap Releasable Zi...
By Joel L. Watts "Joel Watts" | May 31, 2015 XSories XStrap Releasable Zip-Tie Camera Mount for GoPro and Action Sports Cameras is just what it says it is, a zip-tie. Granted, it's pretty high end zip-tie with grips and high functionality. It's anti-slip and rust proof, which makes filming with your GoPro in the elements a lot easier. There is also a quick release lever that keeps you from having to struggle with the zip-tie to change positions. This is a very easy to use product, a useful accessory and reasonably priced for what it does.
First off, it's cool lookin...
By Amazon Prime Member | May 31, 2015 First off, it's cool looking and "xsories" printed on the side is done in sporty graphic , second, the plastics are quality, pliable and not like the hard plastic typical zip tie we all use around the home and garage, I really wouldn't even call it a zip tie. The wide, ribbed inch or so band does cinch down tight, then you lift up on tab and it releases by pulling it out. The screw for the camera is metal.
I used on my kayak both on the kayak strapping and the paddle shaft. Great for me as I don't have anything screwed onto my boat for GoPro or other cameras and this does not need any hardware, silicone, tools to install. I also attached to the saddle horn of my horse's saddle. Anything you can put a wrist sized loop and cinch it down it will fit on and no hardware or tools needed. Will cinch down to something about the size of your finger.
Turn the orange knob and it allows you to adjust the angle of the camera easily as basically a ball joint the orange knob will tighten up. I like simplicity and durability and this has that.
Well it is good for what it aims to do but...
By J. Al-hashimi | May 24, 2015 Well it is good for what it aims to do but you can look at it and know that there is no compensation for stability. It's a zip tie. The Go Pro works, like in the picture, but it would be best for a mount that isn't going to move much otherwise the filming will be wobbly.
This is a budget friendly zip-tie...
By J. Finkel "Jack of Trades" | May 22, 2015 This is a budget friendly zip-tie mount for your gopro or similarly small action cam. It is plastic and lacks stability and precision, but it does the job in a pinch, but I don't think you will find much better for the price.
The XSories Strap camera mount is a si...
By Morley Dotes "Morley Dotes" | May 20, 2015 The XSories Strap camera mount is a simple zip-tied mount that can strap to anything with a diameter between 0.6 to 2.4 inches. So, you can attach it to your bicycle handle bar or perhaps the frame (depending on the thickness of your handle bar). While using it is simple, and the releasable zip-tie is easy to manage, you are somewhat limited to where you can mount this and the plastic does not feel strong. You can rotate your camera, which gives you some flexibility, and you can hang your camera upside down if you the situation requires. As for being waterproof, unless you camera is waterproof, it does not make much difference, and since there aren't any moving parts or electrical attachments, this is not really useful for me. If you are using a Go-Pro, there are way better mounts available.
I really like how w...
By Bryan Newman "alaskanoutfitting.com" | May 19, 2015 I really like how well this holds. This is not the highest end tripod mount in the world, but it will definitely do what's needed. The construction is plastic which is a mixed blessing in that it is not the most rugged thing in the world, but it is water and rust proof, so it can take the elements (perhaps not cold so well.) The strap holds tightly and releases fairly well. The swivel head again does not seem to be the most robust manufacturing, but it locks well even with it's plastic parts and is ultimately workable.

The mount is easy to use, took just seconds to master the controls. It packs well and I love the flexibility of being able to strap to anything I can wrap the strap around. I have fit it to my bike frame and tested that I can use it to mount to my canoe. Definitely a great addition to my Sony POV camera and I'm looking forward to using it throughout this summer's adventure schedule.

+ Water and Rust proof
+ Strap holds well and gives flexibility of mount points
+ Ball head holds well
+ Easy to use

- Plastic Construction seems a little cheap
I'm not sure if you will like or dislike th...
By Amazon Buyer "Hyatt" | May 18, 2015 I'm not sure if you will like or dislike this Zip Tie Go Cam holder. From the looks and appearance of this item, I feel that you are getting at least your money's worth. Nothing special to say. It is what it is..... a releasing and reusable camera Zip Tie.

It is fully functional and easy to use. I think simple is not always best, but simplicity is good. It will grip on to almost anything and everything to hold the Go Pro secure.

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